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A native of the former USSR who moved with his family to Germany in 1992, Dennis Wolf first became interested in bodybuilding as a hobby. However, his excellent genetics soon became apparent, and Dennis decided to begin competing on the international stage. He made his amateur debut at the 1999 NRW Newcomer Championships, placing 2nd in the heavyweight class, and claimed his first win the following year at the 2000 NRW International Championships, taking home the heavyweight and overall trophies.

In 2005, Dennis won the heavyweight and overall classes at the German National Championships, then turned pro with heavyweight and overall wins at the World Amateur Championships, paving the way for his IFBB professional debut at the 2006 Europa Supershow in Texas. In 2007, Dennis claimed his first professional victory at the Keystone Pro Classic, and later that year placed 5th at the prestigious Mr. Olympia.........

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Stay hungry like a Wolf

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